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There seems to be a best way to portrait the wonders of fly fishing for trout and salmon in Chile, and it is by describing how to approach Chile's for fly fishing and have a glimpse of information and photos of 20 rivers and lakes that represent the best fly fishing places in Chile.

In this 200 plus pages book, the authors Luis Goycoolea and Rodrigo Sandoval - who also provided nearly all the photos - share their experience when casting flies in most of the well known rivers and lakes, from central Chile, down South to Tierra del Fuego, in the Southern tip of the American continent.

"This book represents both a physical and human journey. It required visiting each of the rivers and lakes highlighted in this guidebook, but also many more of them, witnessing the wonders of Chile's nature. at the same time, it involved the most memorable fishing adventures with some of the best fly fishing guides and anglers, many of them close friends." - Rodrigo Sandoval, Dec 2015.

The guide is available for CLP$13.000 (~US$ 20) in most Chilean bookstores, as well as Rod & Gun (rodandgun.cl) and Patagonia stores.

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