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Rodrigo Sandoval en Primavera Rodrigo A. Sandoval U., was born in Santiago de Chile in 1968, and from an early age started developing his scientific and engineering interests as well as his natural feeling for artistic expressions, such as music. Later, nature and adventure activities took an important role in his life, motivating his passion for travel, outdoors, and photography.

Rodrigo has developed a prolific career and recognition in the flyfishing and outdoor scenario. He is a noted and recognized flyfishing, nature and outdoor photographer and writer, having published more than 200 articles in Chilean and international media and having his photos being published in a large number of printed and digital media, including National Geographic Magazine, Flyfishing Magazine, and several Chilean newspapers and magazines. Also, he has made guest appearances in different videos and TV Shows, such as Fly Magazine and articles in newspapers such as El Mercurio, La Segunda, among others.

Feature productions include two printed books. First, in 2003, the spanish-and-english book "Chile, the flyfishing adventure" (Chile, la aventura de pescar con mosca), co-authored with Luis Goycoolea and more recently "The 20 Best Places for Flyfishing in Chile", a concise guide to visit and flyfish Chilean waters, also co-authored with Goycoolea.

He started in the 90's with Internet sites. First, the most noted and respected flyfishing site in spanish language: RiosySenderos.com, as founder and chief editor. More recently RinconMosquero.com, also as a co-founder and content editor.

Rodrigo is also an Engineer & Computer Scientist, with a MSc in computer science, graduated from Universidad Catolica de Chile in 1996. Since then he has worked in the software industry with passion and dedication, assuming senior technical roles as well as management. He has kept is relation to university and today is an associate staff professor of the Engineering School at the same university, designing and leading new computer science courses. Currently Rodrigo is the CEO of R:Solver a high-tech software company focused in software with artificial intelligence.

He lives in Santiago de Chile, with his wife Isabel Margarita, who is also a fly angler and outdoor photographer, and daughters Javiera and Camila, sharing their passion for travel, adventure and exploring Chile and other countries.

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