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Printed copies


Carretera Austral, Región de Aysén

Pictures presented on this site are available for purchasing as printed copies in different sizes.

To select the desired imagen, just browse our photo gallery and identify the one you like.


  1. Printed, no border: in sizes 20x14, 30x20 y 40x30 cms.
  2. Poster, w/black border: printed picture at the center, including a description. 

Values and Shipping

Size Printed Poster
20x14 cms US$ 20 US$ 25
30x20 cms US$ 25 US$ 30
40x30 cms US$ 30 US$ 35

Shipping charges are related to destination, but as a reference, a package up to 10 pictures is shipped within 10 working days for US$10.

If there's any special request or doubt, write us to the e-mail displayed at the bottom of this page.

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